• Why Massage The Cream Into Your Breasts?

    The first part of the breast enhancing method is to apply the cream to your breasts. This is most effective when you do it after a bath because the warm moisture helps to open the pores of your skin so that the cream can penetrate more deeply. Simply begin by drying your breasts after the bath. Then, squeeze a small amount of the Breast Cream on to your hands. For a smaller increase in size, just use less of the cream. When you want to increase your bust size by more than one cup, then use at least a coin-sized amount of the cream.

    Once you have the cream on your hand, you will begin to work it on one breast first. Simply massage it into your skin using circular motions that cover the entire portion of your breast. Make sure to use a firm amount of pressure, but never push so hard on your breasts that it hurts. Instead, the idea is to gently massage the cream into your breasts while noticing signs that it is working such as a lovely tingling sensation that occurs as the herbal extracts stimulate growth within your mammary glands. You will continue to massage the cream into your skin for two to three minutes. Once you are done with one breast, simply repeat the process on the other one so that you enjoy even growth.

    It is also great to know that you can use the Breast Enhancement Set to even out two breasts that are different sizes. Although you will still need to apply the cream to both breasts, you will focus more on applying the cream to the breast that needs to be increased in size. Over time, you will begin to notice that your breast begins to swell, and there will be more fullness at the top that helps round out sagging breasts that make you unhappy.


    For more information about the Breast Cream, please visit: https://www.stherb.com/breast-enlargement/ 

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